Do Glamping Pods Have a TV?

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Do glamping pods have a TV?

Glamping is a form of camping that offers all the comforts of a luxurious stay while being in the midst of nature. 

Glamping pods have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a unique camping experience without the hassle of setting up a tent or dealing with other inconveniences that come with traditional camping.

If you’re planning to go glamping, one question that may arise is whether or not the glamping pod comes equipped with a television. Without wasting time, let’s answer the question.

Do Glamping Pods Have a TV?

Some glamping pods have a Tv, while others do not.

Ultimately, it depends on the specific glamping pod you choose to stay in. 

Most glamping pods will have a TV. And some glamping pods do offer a TV as an optional extra. This means that guests can choose to have a television in their pod. 

If you want access to the tv when glamping, ask the host if the glamping pod has a tv before booking. If you don’t ask and want it, you risk going to a glamping pod without a TV. 

Why Do Glamping Pods Not Usually Have TV?

Glamping is about disconnecting from the modern world and immersing yourself in nature. Glamping pods are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience while being in the great outdoors.

Having a TV in the pod would not only detract from the natural experience but also go against the ethos of glamping. Glamping pods are designed to provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and technology can often be a source of stress for many people.

What’s more, many glamping pods are located in remote areas, and the signal for television may not be available or reliable. 

What Other Amenities Do Glamping Pods Have?

Glamping pods come equipped with a range of amenities that make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Some common amenities that you can expect to find in a glamping pod include:

  • Comfortable beds and bedding
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Kitchenette with a mini-fridge and microwave
  • Private bathroom with a shower or bathtub
  • Outdoor seating area or deck
  • Barbecue or grill facilities
  • Wi-Fi (depending on location)


While some glamping pods may offer a TV, others may not be equipped with one. This is because the idea of glamping is to disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in nature. While a TV may be a source of entertainment for some, it would take away from the natural experience of glamping. 


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