Do Glamping Pods Have Heating?

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Yes, most glamping pods have heating. 

They either have a built-in heating system, or the site owner provides heaters. After all, that’s what glamping is all about- enjoying the outdoor with the comforts of home. 

So if you’re wondering “do glamping pods have heating?” -yes, they do.

It’s rare to find a glamping pod without heating. But to be on the safe side, especially when booking during winter, it’s advisable to confirm with the site owner ahead of time if the pods have heating.

Are all Glamping Pods Heated?

Do glamping pods have heating

Unfortunately, not all glamping pods have heating.

Majority of glamping pods will have heated floors to ensure you have a luxurious stay. With heated floors, you can easily control the heating from a thermostat on the wall. This way, you can heat the floor before getting up from bed or just before coming in from outdoor activities.

Other glamping pods come with traditional heaters such as wood-burning stoves, gas, and electric heaters, while others do not have any heaters at all. 

The good thing is, glamping pods have electricity, and you can always carry your portable stove and heater to keep you warm at night and on cold days.

Other Ways To Heat a Glamping pod

In case the glamping pod doesn’t have heating or heaters, there are other ways to still stay warm. These include using:

  • Heat lamps- These are great for providing heat, and they also add ambiance to the room
  • Solar panels
  • Radiators
  • Stove and Fireplace

How To Stay Warm in a Glamping Pod?

One sure way to stay warm in a glamping pod during the cold is to dress in layers. Wear more than one sweater. Have your scarf with you and don’t forget a Marvin, gloves, and socks. Cover up with as many warm clothes as possible. 

It doesn’t matter if there’s heating or not. Just dress up. This is because the heat from the heater or heating system may or may not be enough to keep you warm. 

Next, ensure your bed is warm. Use several blankets and in between sheets if possible. Remember, the nights are often colder than in day time.

Additionally, drink hot/warm water. You can use the cooking utensils provided to warm your water if the dispenser doesn’t warm the water. Avoid drinking cold water as it can make you feel colder. 

Finally, make use of the heating system or heaters at hand to keep the glamping pod warm. You can also use the fireplace to light a fire but be sure not to get close to the flames as they can burn you- you don’t want to turn a glamping experience into something else. 

All in all, you can enjoy your stay in a glamping pod in winter, just like you can in any other season. There are fun activities to do during winter, such as snowboarding. The cold shouldn’t limit your experience outdoors. Just be sure to dress warmly and use heating gadgets to keep you warm. 

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