Do Glamping Pods Have Toilets?

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Do glamping pods have toilets?

Yes, glamping pods have toilets.

Some of them have an ensuite bedroom while others don’t.

However, it’s very rare- almost impossible to find a glamping pod without a toilet. And that’s why people love glamping. Glamping allows you to enjoy nature and outdoor activities without roughing it too much.

In fact, the toilets and the showers in most glamping pods are very comfortable and convenient for use.

So if you’re wondering “do glamping pods have toilets?”- yes, they do have toilets.

What Kind OF Toilets Do Glamping Pods Have?

Some glamping pods have composting toilets meaning they don’t require electricity or water after use. They work by natural decomposition and evaporation of human waste, which makes them eco-friendly.

Some have portable toilets or potties, while others have permanent built-in (traditional flush toilets) toilets inside the pod.

Most toilets in glamping accommodations are privately operated, meaning you’ll have full access to the toilet without sharing it with other guests on the site. However, other glamping sites still have communal toilets.

If you’re unsure if the glamping pod will have a toilet, it’s best that you confirm with the site owner ahead of time.

Quick Tips To Using Toilets in Glamping Pods

  • If the glamping pod comes with a toilet, well and good. Use the toilet before going outside for activities. 
  • If you’re far away from the glamping pod, use the designated toilets within the glamping site to help yourself. If there are no designated toilets within the site, poo in the woods. Just ensure it’s at least 200ft (60m) away from any water source. And bury the poop- don’t bury your toilet paper. 
  • If the glamping pod doesn’t come with a toilet, you can carry your own portable potties/toilets for use. If that’s not possible, poo in the woods. Note that doing it on the wood is normal, and there’s nothing to feel shy or ashamed of. Just ensure there’s no one looking at you. 
  • Always have all the necessary cleaning items, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and a garbage bag. 

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