Do Glamping Tents Have Air Conditioning?

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Most outdoor enthusiasts love to enjoy nature when it’s warm or sunny. And that’s great, but the higher temperatures can sometimes hinder how long and how frequent one would want to be outside Glamping or camping.

And it’s no wonder the question, do glamping tents have air conditioning? We still want to enjoy the outdoors, even if it means using air conditioning.

And the quick answer to the question is that some glamping tents have air conditioning while some don’t.

Which Glamping Tents have Air Conditioning?

Glamping site owners with “premium” glamping tents will, in most cases, have an air conditioner installed inside the tent. However, this is not given. Some will surprise you.

If the glamping ground is located in a warm environment, you will also most likely find an air conditioner. At times even in the cold regions, you’ll have access to an air conditioner during the warm days, such as in summer.

To fully determine if the glamping tent you’re about to book will have air conditioning, you should confirm with the site owner.

Benefits of Having Air Conditioning in a Glamping Tent?

There’s nothing as bad as saving money, booking a trip and failing to fully enjoy yourself because the temperature was too hot.

I mean… that can be one of the worst vacations ever.

Better yet, air conditioning during your glamping trip can be a lifesaver in the following ways:

Better Air Quality

You’ll be able to enjoy cool, filtered air that has no pollutants.

Reduces The Risk Of Dehydration

Higher temperature means more sweating which also means higher risks of being dehydrated. It might be “okay” to feel dehydrated when outside hiking or engaging in other glamping activities, but feeling and being dehydrated even when you’re inside the tent is extreme, and it doesn’t have to be that way. An air conditioner can help reduce this from happening.

Easier Sleep

We tend to sleep better when the temperature is cool, and an air conditioner can do the trick when it’s kinda warm.

Prevents Electronic Devices from Overheating

While you can tell when your body is getting hot, your electronics won’t. Higher temperatures can damage them. It can shorten their lifespan or cause a loss of data. I bet you don’t want your glamping trip to be the cause why your phone or camera got damaged.

As much as you would want to book a glamping tent that has an air conditioner, at times, you may book one without it because you forgot to check. And that’s why it’s always advisable to always confirm with the glamping ground owner if the tents have an air conditioner.

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