Do Glamping Tents Have Electricity?

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Glamping tent with electricity. Do glamping tents have electricity? Yes, they do

So you’ve been planning to go glamping, and it has come to your realization that you’ll need the power to charge your electric gadgets and now you’re wondering do glamping tents have electricity? 

Well, most if not all glamping grounds have electricity. So if a glampground has tents or a mix of tents and other glamping structures, they all have electricity.

It’s next to impossible to find a glamping ground without electricity these days. And it’s simply because electricity has become a necessity even when we are in the wilderness. 

Can the Power Supply In a Glamping Tent Charge my Phone?

Yes, the power supply provided in most glamping grounds is sufficient to power your phone and other gadgets such as phones, torches, etc. 

In fact, depending on your destination, you might find several kitchen appliances such as a cooker, fridge, kettle, and microwave, all of which use power from the glamping ground. You might also find a TV and electric heaters, all of which again ensure you have an entertained and awesome stay.

So the power supply in glamping tents is quite enough for you to carry on with your daily glamping activities that require electricity. 

Bonus Tip: Before booking your visit to a glamping ground, always inquire if they have a power supply. You can also check reviews from previous guests to see if there have been SERIOUS power supply issues in that particular glamping ground.

After all, glamping is all about enjoying the outdoors in a glamourous way, and I don’t think it can be that exciting if your phone dies and you can’t charge it to take those cool photos you’ve been dying to. 

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