Do You Need Permission to Set Up Glamping Business?

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You’ve decided to start your glamping business. You probably have a plan already set up, and your finances are all figured out. You even know the best glamping accessories to acquire and all that.

But you’re wondering, do you need permission to set up glamping business? Do you need to register as a legal entity?

Should you get business insurance for your glamping business?

We’ll look at this and more in this blog post.

Do you need permission stating a glamping business?


Do You Need A License For Glamping Business?

You may need to apply for certain business licenses and permits to run the business legally.

This includes planning permission to set up structures and install utilities on the site. 

Failure to have these licenses may result in fines or a shutdown of your glamping business.  

Check your state license and permit requirements on the SBA website.

To certify the physical location of your glampsite meets the government regulation, you’ll also need a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). 

If you purchase the location, you’re responsible for obtaining a valid CO from the local authority. However, if you lease the location, the landlord will be the one responsible for obtaining a CO. You should confirm that the CO is valid for a glamping business. 

Do You Need an Insurance For Your Glamping Business?

You don’t necessarily need insurance, but it’s wise to have one to operate your business safely. Insurance also ensures that your finances are well protected. 

If a guest gets injured at your glamping site, you’ll have your insurance to cushion the expenses the guest may require you to pay. 

Also, in case of property damage, you’ll have your insurance take care of the damages. 

There are several types of insurance for different small businesses, all covering different risks. If you’re unsure about which one to pick, you can start with General Liability Insurance. 

 General Liability Insurance covers the most basic needs, including bodily injuries and physical damage to property.

Do You Need to Register Your Glamping Business as a Legal Entity?

You don’t necessarily need to form a legal entity for your glamping business, but you could benefit by forming one. 

You can choose between sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation.

LLCs and Corporations are the most common type of business structures for glamping businesses. They help protect your personal assets when held personally liable when your glamping business is sued. 

They are also a wise way of saving on taxes. 

You can easily form an LLC yourself or hire someone to do it for a fee. 

Do You Need To Register For Taxes to run a Glamping Business?

Yes. Just like any other business, you’ll need to pay taxes. 

The legal entity you form will influence how you’ll be taxed. 

Also, depending on the state or country you reside in, you have to apply for specific taxes. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a glamping business is not that hard when you have the right papers to support your cause. To be on the safe and legal side of the law, you’ll need to ask for planning permission, get a business license, and register for taxes. 

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