8 Great Glamping Ideas to Try at Home

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Are you looking for DIY glamping ideas to try at home?

If yes, then you’re in the right corner.

Glamping ideas are all the rage right now.

People want to get away from their stress, and go out into nature for a little bit of peace and tranquility.

The problem with this is that going out into nature can be difficult when you don’t have the money or time to do so. That’s where glamping ideas at home comes in!

Here are 8 glamping ideas for a unique experience:

1) Make a glamping shelter for your family to enjoy

glamping ideas: make a shelter for your family

This is not too hard if you have the space in your yard for a tent or even an RV that can be used as the shelter.

An RV might be a better choice if you plan on using it often, but tents are more portable and can actually still provide all of the comforts of home while keeping outside elements out.

Materials: tarp, rope or string, a few stakes, and some tent poles.

You also need to make sure it’s weather-proof, and create some nice outdoor décor like indoor lights for inside the house when they are finished with their glamping experience.

2.Add a couch or some other type of seating if you want to create a lounge space

DIY glamping ideas

You can do this with pillows, ottomans and blankets on the floor to create a cozy spot for family members to rest after their stress-free day of glamping!

Add some nice lighting that is used indoors too if you don’t have any outdoor lights near your shelter.

3. Make a dining room table

glamping home ideas

This can be done with an outdoor picnic shelter, or even just using your kitchen chairs and setting out some plates for the family to enjoy their meal!

It’s always nice to go all in when you’re glamping at home, so make sure that everyone is having fun while they are doing it.

4.Add lights in your home to make it cozy

This means hanging up lanterns or lights around where they will be glamping at home.

You can also add some solar powered lamps to turn off and on when they want it.

Materials: lights, lanterns, rope or string.

Project Name: Glamping Ideas for Home-Glampers

5.Enjoy a gourmet meal while Glamping at home

make a meal at home: glamping home ideas

This is as easy as cooking outside, and making sure that the family has everything they need to eat from plates to utensils!

You can’t forget about dessert either, so make sure there’s room for everyone to enjoy some of your favorite desserts before or during dinner.

6.Create outdoor themed cocktails

glamping recipes, glamping ideas. glamping at home, make a cocktail when glamping at home

This is easy, all you need to do is mix some drinks and make sure there’s plenty of water for everyone at the end of their glamping at home experience!

You can also add in some other fun things like cute straws or even glow-in-the-dark ice cubes that’ll make drinks that much more fun!

7.Bring the games

game ideas for glamping, glamping at home

Games are a must for any family, and glamping at home is no exception to this rule.

You can have all sorts of outdoor games like badminton or even cornhole so your whole family will be able to enjoy themselves while they’re playing some outside games with one another.

8.Bring some Glamping at home entertainment

glamping at home DIY

It’s a little hard to enjoy your glamping experience without any music, so make sure you have something for the family to listen too!

Add in anything from outdoor speakers and amps that are weather-proofed, or just bring an IPod with all of their favorite songs on it and they’ll be able to enjoy their time in nature no matter what.


There you have it.

8 best glamping ideas you should try at home.

After reading this article, it should be clear that there are lots of ways to have a great glamping experience at home. So take the time to find your shelter and create all of these different spaces for yourself. If you want a good glamping experience then nothing beats going out into nature.

Remember to tell us in the comment section which glamping ideas you’re trying out right now.

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