18 First Time Glamping Mistakes People Make

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Glamping is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life. But when you’re in a new environment, it can be easy to make some mistakes that end up ruining your experience. 

This article will discuss 18 common glamping mistakes people make and provide details on why they are bad decisions. We will also look at what you can do instead to avoid making those mistakes when glamping.

18 Glamping Mistakes to Avoid

Bringing One Pair Of Shoes

glamping mistakes people make

It is always best to carry just what you’ll need when out glamping. And since space can get tight, people tend to overlook some essential items such as shoes.

Don’t carry just one pair of shoes

 You will want an extra pair of shoes in case one of them becomes wet or dirty during the trip. Aim to carry two pairs of shoes and choose them wisely. You don’t want to go with boots only and stay in boots even when you’re just around the glamping ground or when going to the shower

Packing Too Many Clothes

The most common reason people forget shoes is that they are packing too many clothes. 

When you’re glamping, remember to pack lightly because space will be limited.

Also, you’ll probably end up wearing the same outfit a few times during your trip. Plus, if you do bring extra clothes with you, you’ll have to spend time washing them when you get back- and who wants to do that? 

Just pick a few. If you are gone for three days, pick outfits for three days and if there are clothes that can be worn twice, such as a sweater, bring only one of those. 

Packing Unnecessary Items

There are plenty of items you’ll want to bring with you for your glamping trip that may not be essential. For example, if there will be no electricity or running water where you are staying, it’s best not to pack an electric razor- the batteries won’t last long and will eat up space in your bag. 

Make sure you bring only important items for your trip that are truly necessary to have, such as a flashlight in case the power goes out or bug spray if there are lots of bugs around. Check out our ultimate packing list here with a downloadable pdf.

 Poor Hygiene

poor hygiene; Glamping mistakes people make

Since you’re glamping, you’ll be involved in several outdoor activities that can make you dirty and cause you to sweat. Therefore, it is important not to forget to clean up yourself- not only for your hygiene but also, so you don’t offend others around you.

Take a shower regularly, brush your teeth when necessary, and use wet wipes to clean yourself in between showers if it is cold or the weather prevents you from washing up for an extended period.

Not packing any food or snacks

One mistake that can ruin a glamping trip is not bringing any food. It’s best to pack some snacks and drinks in case you get hungry or thirsty throughout the day while exploring your location.

Even though you will probably have access to a kitchen while staying at a glamping location, don’t rely on this as your only source of food.

 Bring along some snacks and drinks as well so that nobody goes hungry.

It is also important to eat lots of protein, and fresh produce, so keep this in mind when packing meals for yourself- sandwiches and other packaged snacks won’t cut it. Check out our glamping recipe ideas

Not Carrying Bug Spray

Since you are sleeping in tents or other creative structures, it is important to bring bug spray with you. Bug bites can ruin an otherwise perfect trip- not only will they itch, but some insects carry diseases that could cause more problems if left untreated.

If you want to avoid bug bites, it is important to bring bug spray and have a good plan in case of an infestation. 

Some locations will provide tents with screens or hot air balloons with netting to keep bugs out.

 Packing Wet Towels

packing wet towels is a mistakle people make when glamping

It is important to pack dry towels for your glamping trip because you might not have the chance to wash them and dry them once you’re there. They might even be damp enough to cause a smell.

Not Packing Enough Warm Clothing

It is important for your comfort that you pack the appropriate amount of clothing according to where you will be glamping and what time of year it is. If other people are staying with you, make sure everyone has the same necessities so nobody feels left out.

Bringing Expensive Items

When glamping, you don’t want to take anything too valuable with you. This includes jewelry and fancy shoes. Also, since there will be limited space, it is best not to bring unnecessary heavy objects.

 You also might not have access to a safe, so keep this in mind when packing your items- you don’t want to risk ruining anything you consider valuable to you.

Not Bringing a Flashlight

Suppose you plan on going out at night while glamping; it is important to bring some light source with you so that nobody gets lost or hurt. 

If the glamp site doesn’t provide lights for safety reasons, make sure everyone has something like a phone with them in case they need to call for help.

Not Asking Questions

It’s important to ask the host of your glamping spot all questions you may have before arriving.

 They can give you valuable information about what amenities are provided at the location, how far it is from town, if there’s a convenience store nearby or anything else that could help you make informed decisions before starting your trip.

Not Reading the Fine Print

When booking your trip, make sure you don’t leave anything important off the list, or else it might not be provided on-site!

 Some locations will provide all amenities, while others may only include a few, so read up about what kind of glamping experience they offer before leaving your home.

Not Bringing Food for the Hosts

If you stay at someone’s glamping location, don’t forget to bring them a little something. The host will be up and down to ensure you have a nice stay, so it is nice to offer them some thankfulness by giving back in return.

Not doing research

Before arriving at your glamping location, make sure you do some research on what it has to offer.

 If there are reviews of the place online or if someone else stayed there and can tell you about any experiences they may have had while staying there, make it a priority to learn about the place before going.

Not Packing a First-Aid Kit

If you don’t have a lot of glamping experience, it is important to pack some medical equipment in case anything happens while you are glamping.

 This includes bandages and pain medication if needed since nobody will be there to help at the time, and even if they are, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Not Checking the Weather

It is important to make sure you know what kind of climate to expect in the glamping ground.

 This will help you schedule your trip wisely and pack for the weather.

Not Looking at the Map

If you are new to an area, it is important that you take a look at the surrounding environment before arriving.

If there aren’t any maps of where your glamping location is, or if they don’t provide one upon check-in, make sure you have one on your phone, so you have an idea of where you’ll be.

Arriving Late

You probably have a few days to enjoy your glamping trip, so why not make a plan to arrive at your destination early?

Arriving late will deprive you of fun activities that you could enjoy for some hours before you call it a day.

Final Thoughts

There are many common glamping mistakes that people make while traveling. 

To avoid making these same blunders, keep the following pointers in mind: always pack accordingly to what type of trip it is and where you will be staying, as well as bring along food for everyone to share since nobody wants to go hungry.

 If there aren’t any maps or you are new to an area, make sure you have a map on your phone so that nobody gets lost. Finally, always read the fine print when booking and don’t forget to bring anything important.

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