10 Tips To Go Glamping On a Budget

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I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to go glamping. It just sounds so fun and adventurous! But it can be an expensive venture as well- with all the gear you need for glamping, not to mention food costs.

However, there are ways around this though- by utilizing what you already have at home or close by in order to save on some expenses.

You don’t need to rent a high-end glamping place, but you can still have the same experience.

We hope these tips will help you go glamping on a budget this year without having to sacrifice comfort. Remember that sometimes it’s just about changing your mindset.

How tp go glamping on a budget

How to go glamping on a Budget

Here are 10 simple tips to glamping on a budget:

Tis to going glamping on a budget

1. Stay Close to Home

You can experience glamping without going far! You can enjoy the beauty of your own backyard or a nearby state park.

Glamping is cheaper and easier when close to home than going on an out of town trip. You can easily google glamping near me and choose the nearest glamping spot that you like.

Remember there’s fuel for the car and also time that comes in play when you go far. Close to home can still offer you the best experience without the hassle.

2. Book a Glamp Site You Can Afford

When booking a place you have to make sure that it’s within your budget.

This includes the accommodations, food and transportation as well.

A lot of places offer discounts for glamping if booked in advance or at certain times which is worth looking into if possible.

3. Upgrade Your Gear

You can have a luxurious camping experience with just a few things. You don’t need to rent an RV or fancy yurt. Maybe you only need to buy a better air mattress or different tent and just glamp at home.

That will make your camping more comfortable and glamorous. And you can make it even more luxurious by decorating with things like lights and candles that make it feel like you’re at home.

4. Cook Your Own Food

Glamping on a budget- Cook or carry your own food. The picture shows slices of bread sandwiched with beef and veges

Just because you want to go glamping on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious meals while at it. You can decide to cook your own food hence you’ll not need to buy expensive glamping meals. So bring a portable grill and have it set up next to the fire pit, then just use lighter fluid for fueling!

You can also decide to cook at home and carry the food to the glamp site. Some glamping sites have refrigerators where you can store your food for the few days you’ll be there.

Also, consider bringing along canned soda and snacks from home! You’ll save some money by not having to buy them at a store nearby or out in nature.

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5. Try Glamping In a Group

If you’re trying to save money and go glamping on a budget, it’s best to travel in groups.

You can rent an RV or other vehicle for the whole group so that way one person doesn’t have to book everything themselves.

This is also great because then there will be more people at your glamp site which creates a community feeling that a lot of people love.

6. Skip Some Add-ons That Your Host Offers

It can be tempting to say yes to all the add-ons your host offers for example, a hot tub, boat riding etc, but your bank balance might not agree.

Its always wise checking the price, either on the listing or by chatting with the owner via email before saying accepting or rejecting all the add-ons. You might be pleasantly surprised at how little the extras cost.

7. Make a List of What You’ll Need

It’s always a good idea to make a list of what you’ll need, because it can get hectic when packing. Try keeping the necessities in your home and take those with you; then just stock up on food at the store near campgrounds or hit Walmart before arriving!

If it’s not too far away, check out glamping gear at your nearest thrift store or garage sales in order to find tents, cooking supplies and even sleeping bags! You never know what you might find. It may be old, but it will get the job done if you’re on a budget.

8. Use What You Already Own

Use your own glamping gear to save and stay on a budget when glamping. Glamping on a budget

You can get creative and find space in your pack or car for the necessities. An easy example would be carrying your old towels for use Or bringing your usual boots for hiking or horse riding.

If you don’t have glamping supplies like this lying around then use what you do have but try to take the lightest ones that are available.

You can also take out your old sleeping bag and use it in place of a bulky, expensive new one for warmer nights.

9. Bring Your Own Entertainment

Glamping on a budget doesn’t have to be boring. You can bring your own entertainment while you’re out in the woods and there are a lot of different fun things you can bring which will save you money. There are things like board games, Kan Jam, ladder ball and books.

You can also bring a portable speaker to play some of your favorite tunes, or you might even be able to stream music with your phone. This will make your camping area feel more like home and it’s a great way to get the kids involved.

10. Buy What You Need Not What You Want

You might be tempted to buy a ton of glamping supplies before you leave home. Try not to do this, because it will save you money in the long run.

If there are things that you think would make your experience more enjoyable then remember them and just drive back after dinner for those items!

If you have friends, neighbors or coworkers that like to glamp as well, ask around for their used glamping gear! You might be able to find some really great deals this way.


This has been a long post but I hope it was helpful! Budgeting is important, and even more so when going glamping. Use the money you have wisely to go on an extravagant camping trip without breaking the bank. The next time you want to plan your budget take these tips into account for the best experience possible!

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