How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity

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Glamping or camping in a hot tent is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you’ll ever want to have. You can’t stay outside the tent because the sun is hot. And if you move inside the tent it’s way more warmer than you would want it to be.

This kind of experience can make staying cool feels like a full-time job.

And if you don’t have electricity, cooling the tent can make you question your decision on why you are out glamping or camping.

However, you don’t have to worry if you find yourself in a tent with no electricity and the temperature is high. You can use one of the 7 effective methods discussed in this blog posts to cool your tent.

How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity

Sometimes we go out for adventure without any power supply and the sun decides to take a toll on us. Sometimes, the electricity just decides to go off on you and you can’t use your air conditioner.

If you’re in either categories, here are 7 effective ways you can cool your tent when you don’t have access to electricity.

 Use a Solar-Powered Fan

If you want something lightweight and portable that you can easily throw in your bag or a more permanent solution whenever you’re glamping, consider investing in a solar-powered fan.

There are small fans you can conveniently pack up for summer outings, and large ones you can install on the tent wall to help cool inside of the tent.

Solar-powered fans harness the power of the sun to provide a cool breeze on hot days.

 Use a Battery-Powered Fan

Battery-powered fans for tents are typically small units that can easily be hooked onto tents or air vents.

They are lightweight, portable and the best part you just need to charge them at home and they will keep you cool for hours when glamping.

The best part about some of these type of battery-powered fans is that you can easily control them with a remote. You can also adjust their height to best keep your tent cool. You can also move them around your tent- maybe place them near your bed as you sleep if its hot at night.

Pick a Shaded Area to Camp

set up your tent in a shade to cool it

It’s not rocket science but if you pitch your tent in the open when its supper sunny, your tent will hot and make it unbearable to stay inside.

Your tent material when exposed to the sun will absorb heat and the more it stay it absorbs heat the more hot it will be. This will not only raise the temperature inside but it can also damage your tent over time especially if your tent is not UV repellant.

To cool your tent, aim to set up your tent in a shaded area. This can be under the trees.

You can also use a tarp as shade.

Use a Cool Cloths

Get a cooling mat for the tent floor and a cooling pad and blanket for your bed. These three will help absorb body heat to keep you cool. Cooling cloths can drop heat by about 2 to 5 degrees.

Cooling cloths will not only make your stay inside the tent bearable, but they’re usually breathable, soft, comfortable, and gentle on sensitive skin.

It’s wise to get these items before travelling for your trip your trip if you know or suspect there will be a power outage.

Make Sure Your Tent is Well Ventilated

Another way to cool your tent without electricity is to ensure your tent is well ventilated.

Ventilation is the most inexpensive and energy efficient way to reduce heat buildup inside your tent.

Tents usually have a door opening where you can keep open when it’s hot inside. Make use of this opening to col the inside of your tent.

Some tent also come with window opening which you can unzip and let air to flow in and out reducing the humidity or warmth inside the tent. Make use of this window opening if your tent has one.

Choose the Best Moment To Set Up Your Tent

Avoid setting up your tent when it’s hot outside. If possible, set up your tent in the evening when the sun has gone down.

Set up a makeshift air conditioner

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