How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

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Hammocks are great additions that can make your camping or glamping experience much better. They are comfortable, convenient, safe, and easy to put up.

However, without trees to hold your hammock together, you might find it challenging to set up your hammock. But don’t fret, I’ll teach you four ways you can hang your hammock without trees.

You can hang your hammock with tripod stand, tie one end on your truck, use dog turtle stand or use a rock. Let’s get started and look at each of these methods in detail.

How to Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Here are four easy diy hanging a hammock without trees.

Use two Poles

You can use two strong poles positioned at a distance and cemented on the ground.

This method is very easy and all you need is two poles, concrete and your hammock.

Start by placing your hammock on the floor to get the exact distance your poles should be.

Once you have the distance and the best spot to put your poles, go ahead and make holes on the ground. The holes should be of reasonable sizes that is they should fit the pole and leave some space to put the concrete.

Start by placing your pole on the ground and move on to pouring concrete all round and level it out. Do the same to the other pole.  Let concrete to dry.

Once the concrete is dry, go ahead and put some J-hooks on the poles to hold your hammock.

Use Portable Hammock Stands

a portable hammock stand

Portable hammock stands are another great alternative. They are very ideal for someone who doesn’t want to put a permanent structure. And they can be used to put a hammock just anywhere you want to- inside and outside your glamping structure.

Portable hammocks stands are also easy to assemble and easy to carry around. They are durable and strong enough to carry you. And that one thing to love about these stand -You won’t be guessing if it can withstand your weight coz it has already been tested to support heavy weights.

One thing to note about hammocks stands is that you’ll need to have a level ground for balance. The ground doesn’t have to be super even but if one side is significantly higher than the other, it can tip you over.

Use Your Truck or Car

Use you car to hang a hammock
If you drove to a glamping site with your car and you can only find one tree or pole, you use your as the other the anchor.

This method is quite ideal especially for those who go glamping in an RV or Van and want to set up a hammock.

To hang your hammock, tie one side on a tree and the other side to your car. For safety purposes, block the path of the car using two stones on the front wheels.

Using your car as an anchor is not only creative and easy, but it also keeps you close to your car meaning you can easily get access to things just an arm away.

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