How to Waterproof Canvas Tent (6 Easy Steps)

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Waterproofing your tent can help make the most out of your canvas tent purchase. It can also help make those nights under the stars fun and worth it by keeping you dry and protected. 

However, the opposite can happen. And as much as canvas tents are waterproofed- they are not 100% waterproofed. You’ll need to waterproof them to keep them in the best condition so that they can serve you in the best possible way. Follow through the blog post to learn how you to waterproof canvas tent

how to waterproof canvas tent

Reasons Why You Should Waterproof Canvas Tent

Here are three reasons why waterproofing your canvas tent is beneficial.  

Helps Keep the Inside of the Tent Dry

Canvas is made of cotton fibers that are breathable yet water-resistant. This feature allows your canvas tent to prevent water from sipping through and wetting the inside of the tent. It ensures you’re well protected and dry even on the rainiest days.

Prevents Damage

Waterproofing your tent helps prevent mold and mildew that can grow over time as the water gets hosted in the tiny holes of your tent. When water gets held in-between the holes, it makes the tent damped, which, if not well-taken care of, degrades the quality of your tent.

For Maintenance  

To ensure your tent stays for long and is in good condition, make waterproof part of the maintenance. And even if you buy a canvas tent that’s already waterproofed, after some years, you may start to note that it’s letting in some water. So waterproofing can be a good way to prevent such scenarios. 

Canvas Tents Waterproofing Products

To get the best results after waterproofing, it’s advisable that you use the best products. This can be a canvas waterproofing spray or solution. Here are three suggestions we recommend:

  1. Hawk Tools Canvas Waterproofer. This is an effective solution capable of waterproofing your tent for years. It’s environmentally friendly, prevents the tent from fading due to the sun, and is odor free. 
  2. Dry Guy Waterproofing Concentrate. This one is great for preserving the tent’s breathability and is ideal for a sunbrellla performance. 
  3. 303 Fabric Guard. This solution not only waterproofs your tent but also makes it stain-resistant. It can also be used for other materials making it a great budget purchase.

How to Waterproof Canvas Tent

How to waterproof canvas tent

For an effective waterproofing result, carry out this process on a warm sunny day. Six steps to follow are:

  1. Start by cleaning your tent. This way, your tent will be in good condition before applying any waterproofing treatment.
  2. Get your waterproofing treatment ready. You may have to dilute it or do other specific instructions given before applying. 
  3. Spray the waterproof treatment. In other cases, you may need to paint the waterproof with a roll-on brush.
  4. Ensure the treatment is evenly applied. You can do this by use of a brush.
  5. Let the tent dry completely.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.
  7. Store your canvas tent (if you’re not going to use it immediately)

How Often Should you Waterproof Canvas Tent?

The frequency at which you should waterproof your tent depends on three things. 

  • The climate your canvas tent is exposed to
  • How frequently do you use your tent and 
  • The products you use to waterproof

If you live in a rainy place, you may need to waterproof your canvas tent more often than someone who doesn’t live in such a climate. Also, if the canvas tent is exposed to the sun so much, you may need to do waterproofing more often as the UV have the capability to damage the waterproof coating.

Again if you use your tent more times, more waterproofing needs to be done. Also, the products you use can direct the number of waterproofing needed per year. 

However, in general, you should waterproof your tent one to three times a year. Waterproof one time if you use the tent fewer times and thrice if you use it more often. 

It’s a good practice to schedule waterproof when you are planning to clean and season your tent. This way, it saves you time by doing all the maintenance at once.

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