Trip to Mount Suswa

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Traveling has lots of benefits. It helps us broaden our perspectives, learn new ways, build connections and relationships, and discover ourselves. 

If you’re planning to travel to Mt Suswa, you will likely experience all these benefits and more.

Mount Suswa is located in Narok County, approximately 120 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. It’s a great destination to travel to with family and friends.

In May this year, I traveled to Mount Suswa with my friends. It was an exciting and relaxing trip, and I can gladly say I might return to the mountain again.

Here’s what you need to know about Mount Suswa.


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Fun Fact About Mount Suswa

Volcanic Caldera: Mount Suswa is a massive shield volcano with a collapsed caldera at its summit. The caldera measures approximately 8 kilometers in diameter and is one of the largest calderas in East Africa. The volcano itself is estimated to be around 25,000 years old.

The Natural Wonders of Suswa

Mount Suswa

Suswa has stunning landscapes. It has unique geological features such as volcanic craters, lava tubes, and scenic plains. When you depart from the train, you will experience a beautiful and calm environment. Trees, the mountain, clean air, and the terrain. The view is breathtaking. 

There is also wildlife in Mount Suswa. When I visited, I got to see antelopes and a variety of bird species. I assume there are more animals, only that I didn’t get to see them.

Fun Things To do in Mount Suswa

When traveling, you want to go with a plan in mind so that you can optimize your trip and get the most out of it. Here are two main things you can plan for when traveling to Mount Suswa.

Hiking and trekking

You can hike to the top of the mount. There are hiking tracks you can follow to easily trek your way up. When hiking, you will note that you will go up through a slope and then walk on a plain field. 


You can also glamp in Mount Suswa. The best way to do it is to carry all your essentials, travel early and set up your site. You can either carry your canvas tent or glamp in your recreational vehicle. Glamping in Mount Suswa can be fun and fulfilling. In fact, that is what will take me back to Mount Suswa next time.

Camping and stargazing

Mount Suswa offers a serene camping experience. You can camp there and enjoy the clean air under the stars. If you plan to camp, you will need to get your camping gear in place. This means you need to carry your tent, sleeping bag, food, water, and other essentials that will make your wild adventure smooth. 


If you don’t plan to sleep there and are not a fan of hiking for long, you can picnic. You just need to spot a stunning view and set up your items to enjoy the beauty of Suswa.

How to Travel to Mt Suswa

The most common way to travel to Mt Suswa is by the SGR train. The train ticket from Nairobi to Suswa is Kes 200. This a to and fro is Kes 400. 

You can also travel by matatu or a personal car. 

If you travel by train, it will take 2 hours. Traveling by car might take a little less and more depending on the driving speed. 

When you alight in Mt Suswa by train or by car, you may need to take a motorcycle that will get you closer to the mountain. I paid Kes 300 for two people for this short trip.


Is there a conservancy in Mount Suswa?

No, there is no conservancy in Mount Suswa. 

When is the best time to travel to Mount Suswa?

The best time to travel to Mount Suswa is in the morning. If you will travel by train, book the 0850hrs train. 

What to Carry to Mount Suswa?

You should carry some snacks to eat when enjoying the views. You should also carry what you will be using while there. For example, if you plan to picnic, carry a cloth to lay on the ground, food, and drinks. Note that the nearby shopping center doesn’t have much to offer, so it’s better to carry your items from home.

Is there an Entry Fee for Mount Suswa?

No, you don’t have to pay to enjoy the stunning views of Mount Suswa. 

Do I need a Guide in Mount Suswa?

You don’t necessarily need a guide when hiking in Mount Suswa. The terrain in Mt Suswa is not technical, and there are tracks to follow, which makes it easy for you and your friends to hike with a guide.

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