Everything You Need to Know about RV Glamping

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For those of us who enjoy spending time in nature but still crave some comfort, glamping is here to give us that experience.

Glamping is glamorous camping. It allows you to go hiking, fishing, swimming, and engaging in other outdoor activities but still experience some comfort, for example, access to a comfortable bed, a kitchen, an air conditioner, a laundry washing machine, and more.

If you’re in for this type of adventure but would like to twist things a little bit- say, use a moving vehicle instead of renting a glamping pod, tent, cabin, or dome, you may be wondering if you can glamp in an RV. I’ll answer this and more questions about RV glamping in this blog post. Follow along.

Is RV Considered Glamping? Can You Glamp in an RV?

An rv parked in a park. Rv glamping

Yes, you can glamp in an RV. 

The structure that hosts you when glamping doesn’t matter that much. That’s why we have so many shelters used for glamping. We have tents, pods, domes, cabins, yurts, and now RVs.

What’s important is you’re in an outdoor environment-in nature but still enjoying the comforts you’re used to at home- or maybe more.

Glamping in an RV will give you so much freedom to move around. You’ll be able to easily move from one national park to another glamping spot. You just need to know where to park.

And unlike other ways to enjoy glamping, RV glamping (if you own the RV) gives you the freedom to furnish and add accessories to your liking. It’s like travelling inside your own house.

To be honest, RV glamping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature, and that’s why so many people pay top dollar to rent RVs. 

What You Need to Go glamping in an RV

Glamping in an RV is a nice experience but to enjoy all that this type of adventure has to offer, you need to plan accordingly. Here are two important steps you need to take to go glamping in an Rv.

Get Your Wheels

The first step is to choose your RV. You can either buy or rent.

You don’t need to choose the most expensive, but it’s important that the RV should be able to fulfill its purpose- take you for glamping.

If you’re taking your family with you, the RV should be big enough to host all of you. Check that it has enough beds, a kitchen, and a storage area.

Also, consider choosing an RV that can be able to maneuver through different landscapes. For example, Camper Van or classic C motorhome can navigate tight spaces compared to a trailer or fifth wheel. 

Choose the Best Parking Spot

Rv glamping. Glamping in an rv

There are several spots you can choose to park your RV and experience a nice glamping trip. If you want to join other people glamping in RVs, the likes of Grand Canyon RV Glamping park and resort are a great place to start. They feature fully-furnished RV suits that have all the amazing amenities you need to say yes to RV glamping any day.

However, if you would rather go glamping on your own, choose a spot you’ll love. It should have at least the basics. If you can get a park that offers access to nature, for example, you’ll be able to go hiking or rock climbing, and still offers features such as hot tubs, spas, cable, and internet, then that can be a good choice. The most important thing is to evaluate if what you’re paying for matches the features offered.

RV Glamping Accessories

A woman seated outside an rv

To make your glamping trip more fun and fulfilling, consider adding the following accessories to your RV.

Best spots to go glamping with an RV


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