Best Tent Stoves: 5 Sensational Models Reviewed

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If you’re looking for a cozy camping stove, then you’ve come to the right place! We have found 8 of the best tent stoves on Amazon. These are perfect for those who love to camp or go fishing in remote locations. You can also use these if your power goes out unexpectedly and you need an alternate heat source.

What is a Tent Stove?

Tent stoves are wood-burning cookstoves designed to provide warmth and cooking facilities in tents or other small spaces without combustion gases being released into the atmosphere where they could pose risks.

Types of Tent Stoves

There are four main types of tent stoves, each designed for different applications.

1) Steel stoves

These tent stoves are ideal for short-term campers or those who love to go fishing. They’re made of heavy-duty steel and can be used with liquid fuel (such as white gas) and solid fuels like wood, charcoal, etc.

They weigh between 20 and 70 pounds and are not ideal for carrying far distances. 

Pros: Sturdy construction makes them suitable for harsh environments; Can handle large cooking pots; They’re relatively inexpensive.

Cons: They require priming; Can be difficult to start in cold weather; they Require maintenance like any other stove.

2) Lightweight stove

These are compact stoves that you can carry with ease. They’re lightweight, making them ideal for backpacking or other outdoor activities where weight is a significant concern.

They weigh between 12 to 35 pounds, making them light enough to carry, yet not necessarily ideal for backpacking trips. 

Pros: Compact and easy to transport; Ideal for backpackers since they’re light in weight; Can be used with solid fuel like wood, charcoal, etc.; Sturdy construction.

Cons: It can be challenging to start in cold weather; it Require maintenance like any other stove.

3) Collapsible stoves

These stoves are ideal for long-term campers. They’re collapsible, which makes them very easy to transport and store when not in use.

Pros: Collapsible design is compact; Ideal for extended camping trips since they require minimal storage space; Can be used with both liquid fuel (like white gas) and solid fuels.

Cons: They require priming; Can be difficult to start in cold weather.

4) Backpacker stoves

These tent stoves are popular among backpackers and hikers. They’re lightweight, compact and most models come with a carrying case for added convenience. Most backpacking stoves also have Piezo ignition systems that make them easy to light- even in cold weather!

Due to their small size, backpackers’ tent stoves can only heat a small space for a couple of hours.

Pros: Compact design makes it ideal for extended camping trips; Very lightweight ( some weigh as little as a pound or two); Most models come with a Piezo ignition system that makes them easy to light- even in cold weather; Highly fuel-efficient.

Cons: They can be challenging to start and require priming; Can be expensive depending on the model you buy.

8 Best Tent Stove model You should consider buying

1) Colorado Cylinder Stoves – Uncompahgre Collapsible Pack Stove (Wood Burning Camp Stove)

Best tent stove for glamping

This stove is ideal for cooking and boiling water (up to four gallons per hour) at low heat. It’s highly efficient, compact, and collapsible- making it perfect for long-term campers. This model weighs only 32 pounds but has a large diameter of 12 inches which gives off maximum heat from wood or charcoal fuel.

It can burn for up to 12 hours on one load of fuel and comes with a metal grill that doubles as storage space for cooking utensils. It also has an adjustable air vent to regulate the heat output depending on your needs.

Pros: Highly efficient; Ideal for long term campers since it’s compact and collapsible; Provides maximum heating

2) Tent Stove Camping Wood Burning Stove with Chimney Damper, 2 Glass, Side Racks and Chimney Pipe, Foldable Small Wood Stove with Ultralight Titanium, Portable Firebox for Outdoor Cooking, Only 6.4lb

Tent stove

This stove is perfect for backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s lightweight (6.4 pounds!) but comes with a folding size of 15″ x 9″x 2.5″- which ensures it provides enough heat to cook meals in all kinds of weather conditions!

The tent stove is made of titanium which is good because it can conduct heat quickly and easily become deformed. There are no small parts that could be lost, and the tent stove takes less time to assemble.

3) US Stove Caribou Portable Camp Stove

What is a tent stove

This tent stove comes with a kit that includes 6 feet of chimney pipe, flue brush, damper tool legs, and racks in a portable carrying case.

It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. And weighs 17.76 pounds.

It is perfect for glamping, backpacking, camping, hunting, and ice fishing.

The cooking surface has racks for drying small items or for indirect heat.

It has an easy-adjustable door damper that allows for heat output adjustment.

4) Vikiullf Camping Wood Stove – Portable Outdoor Tent Stove with Pipe, Heating Burner Stove for Ice-fishing, Camping, Cookout, Hiking, Travel

Best tent stoves on Amazon

This tent stove has an adjustable door damper that allows for heat output adjustment. It comes with a metal grill, and the legs fold in when it’s time to pack up or store away.

The Vikiullf camping stove is made of high-quality iron, making it durable enough to withstand high temperatures for years of use. It also has 304 stainless steel for chimney pipe; premium glass provides a unique experience to you.

It weighs 16.3 pounds and is easy to assemble, fold and carry- no tools required!

This model can burn for up to 12 hours on one load of fuel.

It has a unique visible design made of a glass window allowing you to see the flame and wood in the stove. And there is a small fan under the glass, which can help you easily extinguish the flame.

5) PMNY Hot Tent Stove, Portable Wood Stove with Chimney Pipes and Side Racks, Multipurpose Camping Stove for Tent, Shelter, Heating, and Cooking

cheap tent stove

The tent stove is easy to carry. It can be packed up like a suitcase. It is very light, and it has foldable legs that make it more convenient to carry. The chimney can come out of the stove for packing, which is helpful when camping.

The stove is all-welded, which means that it is airtight. This makes it easier to control the rate of burning. Secondary Burn Design means that you can fill the stove with wood at night and shut down the damper, instead of having to roast for hours and then freezing until morning.

The stove is strong and easy to use. Steel is a high-quality metal that will not rust or get scratched. The coating on the metal won’t peel off or blister in any weather. It can withstand temperatures up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our other favorite tent stoves are;

  1. DANCEHALL OUTDOOR Portable Titanium Tent Camping Wood Stove with 2.2M Chimney for Backpacking.

 2. WINNERWELL Woodlander Large Tent Stove | Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tents, Shelters, and Camping | 1500 Cubic Inch Firebox | Precision Stainless Steel Construction | Includes Chimney Pipe

3. Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove


Are stoves intent safe?

Yes! Camp stoves are a great way to cook food and enjoy the outdoors. It is essential to follow the instructions on your stove when it comes to how far away you are from things like trees and tents.

Can you put a wood stove in a tent?

Yes, there’s no reason why not – as long as it’s done safely so that neither your family nor any other campers are in any danger. Wood stoves can be used inside of a tent, but we always recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety. It is also recommended that you keep the stove at least 12 inches away from your tent.

They have been around for years, long before electricity was widely available or common in outdoor areas.

Can you use a tent stove in a cabin?

Yes, most camp stoves can be used inside of the cabin without risking too much damage to the structure or health hazards to your family. However, it’s best not to leave them lit while unoccupied and unattended – some models may emit carbon monoxide fumes which can cause serious health problems.

How hot does a tent stove pipe get?

It depends on the model, but you should always use them with caution and keep children or pets away from stoves at all times – they are not toys!

 How do you keep a tent stove burning all night? 

If you just want to keep the stove burning without cooking anything on it, then a simple method is to put in some kind of fire-starter material – such as wood shavings or dryer lint. This will help to ensure that the fire doesn’t go out until you’re ready for it too.

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