What is a Glamping Pod: All You Wanted to Know

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Some people want to rough it out in the wilderness, but for those of us who don’t find that attractive especially at 2:00 am when freezing and having to pee outside wondering why we had to camp, there is a new trend taking over the campgrounds; glamping pods.

Glamping pods have gained a lot of popularity recently and more especially for land owners who want to offer holiday accommodation to guests. Their ability to be built quickly and easily as well as withstand all seasons have also contributed to their market growth.

What is a Glamping Pod ?

How to go glamping on a budget

A glamping pod is a small wooden structure that offers similar comforts to camping in your own RV or staying at an upscale hotel.

They are an alternative camping structures that offers many conveniences you would never have at traditional campsites.

In simple terms, glamping pods are like tiny houses. And they offer all the amenities of a home, but with added outdoor features.

Some glamping pods have a veranda where you can sit and enjoy the sun. Some even have outdoor furniture where you can sit and have your meals.

Glampers can enjoy luxuries such as flushing toilets, hot showers, heating, comfy beds, and a kitchen in a glamping pod.

Can you live in a glamping pod?

Glamping Pods: Privacy

GLAMPING POD What is a glamping pod

One of the best features that separate glamping from camping is privacy. And glamping pods provide that to the maximum.

More often than not you’ll have access to a private bathroom and a kitchen inside the pod meaning you don’t have to share your space with other guests on the glamp ground.

The material used to make them is also very thick so there’s no chance that people on the outside can see what you’re doing inside the pod as in the case of some tents.

What’s the Size of a Glamping Pod ?

Glamping pods vary in sizes. Their sizes depends mostly on the number of people expected to sleep in. Therefore, the size of a glamping pod is more of a custom thing.

But in a more general view, the standard size that measures 4m x 2.8m can sleep 2-4 people.

Some are large enough to accommodate upto 8 people while others small and can only sleep 2 people.

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