What is Inside a Glamping Pod?

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If you’re planning to go glamping in a pod, you might be wondering what exactly is inside a glamping pod.

Does it have the basics? Does it have luxurious items to ensure you have an amazing stay?

Well, since glamping grounds are run by different site owners, what you find inside one pod maybe be different from what you find in another.

But generally, glamping pods have a lot to offer and essentially, because they are used for glamping and glamping is all about camping but in a glamourous way- not roughing it out.

Sleeping Items Inside a Glamping Pod

After a day full of activities, you’ll definitely need somewhere to rest, and a glamping pod ensures you do it gently.

A glamping pod usually comes with a bed (s). This can be a double bed, king-size bed or bunk bed. It will also have a mattress, bed sheets, pillows and duvets or covers.

Cooking Items inside a Glamping Pod


Most glamping pods will have a kitchen inside the pod where you can prepare your meals.

It will have kitchen appliances and utensils such as a fridge, microwave, cooker, kettle, toaster, cooking pans, plates, cups, spoon and knives.

You’ll also have access to a sink, water, washing liquid, kitchen towel and a waste paper basket.

Depending on the glamping pod in your book, you may also have access to basic cooking ingredients.

You may also be required to buy what you plan to cook during your stay. But, in other glamping grounds, the glamping ground owners will cater to all your cooking needs. It’s always wise to ask what’s included and what’s not before leaving your home. This way, you can plan accordingly and ensure you have a smooth glamping experience.

Entertainment/ Basic Items Inside a Glamping Pod

Since glamping is all about the outdoors but in a more glamorous way, you’ll, in most cases, find some form of entertainment inside a glamping pod. This can be a TV, glamping games such as chess or books/magazines.

You’ll also have basic- or NOT basic items such as a couch to sit on, a table and a mat on the floor to keep your feet warm.

You may find heating to keep the glamping pod warm, especially at night or during those cold days. You may also find air conditioning to keep the air cool and pure.

Other Important Items Inside a Glamping Pod

Sockets: Glamping pods have electricity, so normally you’ll find sockets where you can plug in your electronic devices to charge them.

Toilets: There are toilets as well. These can be traditional toilets or composite toilets. No going to the bush when glamping… haha, I said it!

Showers: Glamping pods also have a bathroom where you can shower. You’ll also have access to towels and showering gel. Always confirm if these things will be provided. If not, carry your own.

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