Yurts in Iowa: A Comprehensive Guide to Glamping in Iowa

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Spending your holiday weekends in Iowa can be considered a great fulfillment by touring the Clear Lake yurt. The clear lake yurt provides a pretty nice and unique indoor and outdoor summer experience that will keep you yearning to revisit Iowa.

Yurts in Iowa are located in McIntosh Woods State Park which is a secluded area for camping and other fun activities with your kids, friends, or family members. Clear Lake Iowa has beautiful views, events, and festivals that will rock your summer without engaging in tent glamping.

Read on to discover more about Clear Lake yurts, activities to engage in during your stay in Iowa Yurts, amenities, and recommended items that you will carry.

What Is a Yurt?

At first glance, you may lack a clear definition of what is a yurt. A yurt can be described as an upscale of a tent but not more of a cabin. It was a dwelling place for the Mongol people from Central Asia. Initially, they were made of cylindrical walls of poles with conical roofs and covered with skin.

Nowadays, a yurt is a glorified tent that has a lockable door and windows that you can open or close using flaps, especially during the night. They differ from cabins in that they are round, fairly small, and yurts have numerous customizable options.

There are different types of yurts but most feature a stove, air conditioning, heat, and a fireplace as the basic amenities. If you crave true camping without the need to rent a tent, McIntosh Woods State Park yurts will fulfill your zeal.

There are two yurts in Clear Lake Iowa that have been furnished with a futon bed, bunk bed, chairs, table, and fans. Each yurt can hold up to four people and they are located just a short walk to Clear Lake.

Yurts in Iowa: Location

yurts in Iowa

The two yurts are located adjacent to the south camping loop in Pammel Park. Their usage is open for the public from April through October and you can only access them through advanced reservations. You can book the yurt online and choose the one you prefer.

Both yurts have an Outside area, two picnic tables, a grill, and a fire pit. When choosing between the two yurts, remember that yurt 1 has a full-length ramp which makes it ideal for wheelchairs, while yurt 2 is closer to Clear Lake Iowa.


These two yurts have been furnished with modern-day living conditions that mimic that of a luxurious cabin. They have an efficient camping space of 24 foot diameter which has the following amenities:

  • 2 sets of bunk beds, 1 futon, 1 sofa-sleeper
  • Air conditioning/heated (Insulated floor, walls, and ceiling)
  • Desk lamp, ceiling track lighting, and power outlets
  • Dining tables and chairs. (6 seats)
  • Kitchenette comprises a microwave, refrigerator, electric stove, and counter space
  • Outdoor water hydrant and wash pit

The toilet is just a few steps away from the yurt and you do not require a torch. This is because there is a light above the toilet door. There is also a sink, a mirror, and a bin that is emptied regularly.

The yurt has a see-through domed roof that offers a great night viewing experience. You can view the stars on your bed while in the cabin which is quite fun. You can also unzip the windows at night to enjoy the breeze while inside your cabin.

There is no need to worry about bugs and ants as the cabins maintain unprecedented levels of hygiene and maintenance. You are also required to maintain hygiene and cleanliness as you leave the premises.

Recommended Items to Carry

There are some items that are not available at Clear Lake yurts during your camping. They are mostly personal utilities, bedding, and cooking equipment as articulated below:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillows
  • Paper towels
  • Towels and blankets
  • Cutting board, cooking pots, utensils, and table service
  • Trash bags
  • Charcoal and lighter fluid
  • Lawn chairs
  • Camera

In addition, you should note that there are no bathroom/shower facilities inside the cabins. As such, you will utilize the nearby campground bathroom/shower facilities.

Restrictions in Iowa Yurts

yurts in Iowa

There are some restrictions that govern the usage of the yurts in McIntosh Woods State Park, Iowa as outlined below:

  • No smoking inside or outside the cabin.
  • You cannot come along with a tent in the cabin area. However, there are some campgrounds with camp sites that are designated for tents.
  • Pets are not allowed inside or within the cabin area, which also includes the parking area.

Things to Do

The cabin is situated in a position where you can enjoy the beautiful view while overlooking Clear Lake and its surroundings. n addition, you can engage in numerous fun activities in McIntosh Woods State Park during the summer weekends and holidays. Though Lake st is fairly small, there are several beaches where you can enjoy your camping.

Clear Lake State Park beach is a fun place to cool off and break the boredom of spending the day in the cabins. At the beach, you can spend time swimming, playing with sand, and enjoying the vicinity of large trees. Moreover, the beach is not overcrowded which gives you ample space and time to have utmost fun. There is also a playground for a wide array of fun activities.

The Clear Lake City Beach situated downtown Clear Lake is another place to thrilling place for immense fun. It is a much busier beach that has access to food, shopping, and boat docks.

Don’t worry if you are not a great fan of the beach as PM Park has a favorite aura for various activities. It is located right on the lake and has a fun restaurant and a tiki bar. There are fun boats where kids can enjoy the rides as you sip some beverages.

The South Shore Sweet Spot is situated down the road from PM Park and serves some mind-blowing yummy ice creams in Clear Lake Iowa. Be sure to check and grab the ice creams before leaving Clear Lake Iowa.

It is also recommended that you come along with a boat or rent one, as there are numerous boating activities. This is because there is a boat ramp to venture into the lake for activities such as fishing and touring Clear Lake Iowa waters.

The yurts are located in a corner of McIntosh Woods which is a serene and private place. You can spend the afternoons reading books, watching, or any other favorable camping activity. If you were lucky enough to carry a picnic table, you can enjoy the serene environment outside the yurt cooking barbecues.

Key Code

This is quite an exciting feature of the yurt as you do not require a key to open and close the door. Access to the yurt has been enabled by an easy-to-remember code entry, which is great as you don’t have to worry about forgetting the key.

Checking Out

After your time is over at the yurt, you are expected to clear up. You should conform with the departure checklist which entails the following:

  • Sweep the deck
  • Sweep the inside of the yurt
  • Position the couch and futon in the pristine condition
  • Wipe the tables and chairs
  • Empty the bin/trash
  • Turn off the lights, fans, and sockets

You will be provided with a broom, disinfectant, spray, and towels that are designated for cleaning while you check out. After finalizing the above activities, shut the door and leave. The check out time is at 12 noon.

Tips When Booking at Clear Lake Yurts

Bookings can only be conducted online in advance. You should also beware that both cabins are normally booked all through the summer, which might make getting a chance to visit the yurt quite rare. In this regard, you can keep in touch with their reservations to plan and make a booking in advance.

Whichever yurt you choose, there is a parking space for two cars and bookings can only be made for a minimum of two nights. The check in time is from 4 pm and you are advised to carry your own bedding among other crucial items for your stay.


The least amount that you can pay is $70 which accounts for two nights on the weekend. However, a holiday weekend has at least three nights minimum. There is an additional $4 website processing fee that you pay during checking out.

A week’s stay will only cost you $210 which includes also the taxes. Before you get to enjoy your residence in the yurt, you must pay a $50 cheque which accounts for damages. If the yurt is in pristine condition during your departure, you will collect the cheque in person or request it via mail.


During the winter, that is, between November and March, Pammel Park Campground is closed. As such, you cannot access the yurt during this period as both amenities must coordinate for your stay to be fulfilled.

Things to Know

During your time in State Park, you should familiarize yourself with the following to avoid getting into loggerheads with the law:

  • The Madison County Conservation Board rules and regulations are active
  • The State of Iowa laws are in effect
  • You cannot conduct special events in the yurt’s area. You can visit nearby hotels and shelters for such needs

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